Tina Anderson

My name is Tina Anderson and I write novels for comics readers. Not an easy task minus an illustrator, but I do all right. Previously published graphic novels are available in eBook format at most online retailers; print editions available at select outlets.

Novels for comics readers – What does that mean exactly?

Well, let’s start with what it doesn’t mean: Novels written for comic readers and TV-watchers are not dumbed-down versions of ‘real literature.’ Graphic novel readers don’t lack comprehension skills; they simply consume their fiction differently from the average prose reader. This form of novel for comics readers and anime viewers is called ‘Light Novels’ in Japan.

Critics stateside often pan Light Novels as poorly adapted due to the medium fans requiring too precise a translation, yet even the best localized Light Novels differ from traditional novels by employing more ‘Tell over Show,’ a literary no-no in many western circles. Exposition, description, and abundant summarization are Light-Novel hallmarks because titles often include illustrations or a connection to an established comic series or animated property. The prose reads fast, centering more on the characters, with established worlds made available beyond the novel that engage readers accustomed to swiping right if something threatens to become time-consuming.

Do I write light-novels?
Not exactly.
I write original novels for comic readers.