About Tina

About Tina

The following may sound bitter, aloof, and unfriendly. Please know that I’m none of those things–yet social media plucked nerves I didn’t know I had and, thus, textual aggression.

I’ve never written cookbooks for skiers or self-help books for rock climbers.

Once upon a time, I wrote gay comics for men and women’s BL (yaoi.) I came up with the term GloBL for original English language BL because the Euro and North American markets differed from the Japanese market in terms of language, and the gender of its creators.

GloBL manga famous is weird in that 99% of genre readers have no idea who you are–but to the 1% who do know you, you’re a G*d.

I wrote graphic novels and short comics for Class Comics, Yaoi Press, Sin Factory, DramaQueen, and Iris Print. The explicitness and themes of my graphic novels varied based on the publisher. For example, one pub wanted rape stories, another bought sexy comical stories, another needed something Japanese-like…I think you get the picture.

I quit writing comics in 2010 to work in television production and moved back to Philadelphia in 2016.

My fiction, both long and short, ranges from pornographic to not-so;  the common denominator being transgressions are afoot, and my characters revel in post-traumatic sexuality. I wrote a lesbian sci-fi called Femitokon, but the series tanked due to a lack of readers. In 2022, I returned to contemporary gay fiction again, and voila, my readers came back. I currently write gay, lesbian, and trans-masc erotica under my maiden name: Tina Kolesnik.

My goals for this year are to complete my first comedy novel and finish a screenplay. If interested in any of my previously published works, I do provide representation upon request.