Anthology Work

I’ve published stories in the USA with Yaoi Press, Dramaqueen, Iris Print, and Radio Comix; in Canada with Class Comics, and in Germany with Fireangels Verlag and Wildside Verlag. A few publishers are no longer around, others hold the copyright to my shorts and are available wherever eBooks are sold; I’ve uploaded Roulette (Rush Mag) and In Motion (When Worlds Collide) to read for free.

Nikki Smith
Fireangels Manga
Lemon Law #2
2009 - 978-3-939309-15-4
Laura Carboni
Rush Magazine
2007 - 978-1933809045
In Motion
Liv Lingborn
Iris Print
When Worlds Collide
2006 - 978-0978753122
Closed Flower
Yaoi Press
-side story-
2006 - 978-0976744191
Snow Demon
Yishan Li
Yaoi Press
-side story-
2006 - 978-0976744146
King Masterpiece
Wong Toni
Yaoi Press
Yaoi Hentai Volume 1
2005 - 978-1933664149
Lost Angles
Zel Harris
Sin Factory
Dangerous Mag
2005 - Unknown