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FEMITOKON SERIES 2: TACTICAL PURSUITS: (novel) Agent Sofita Kul must extract ‘frenemy’ Velto Wram and her wife from the sinister clutches of the Slavic Empire. At the same time, politician Eppis Banto lays the groundwork in Ramaxia for the Tenth Generation’s ascension.

Written by Tina Anderson | ISBN: 978-0-9744195-6-5
Serialized at (2018)
Science Fiction/Action/Future Earth | English | 2018

Official Release: August 31, 2021

FEMITOKON SERIES 1: SUFFOCATION: (novella) After the death of a suspected Ramaxian-hybrid geneticist, Sorority of Defense operative Sofita Kul must determine if the deceased man dabbled in Femarctic bio-sciences.

Written by Tina Anderson | ISBN: 978-0-9744195-0-3
Serialized at (2017-18)
Science Fiction/Action/Future Earth | English | 2020

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GADARENE: (novel) In the notorious Five Points slum of 1870’s Manhattan, Galen ‘the Mongoose’ Driscol steps out of jail and back into the arms of his lover, Wira Boruta. When Galen tells Wira that he’s tracked down the man who tried to kill them as children, Wira is unwilling to listen, and pleads with Galen to forget the past, and live only for the future. Only Galen doesn’t forget, nor does he forgive. (2008)

Script: Tina Anderson / Novelization: c.b. Potts | ISBN: 978-0974419527
Horror (GLBT/Historical) | English | 01/2008

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