Gadarene [15th Anniversary Edition]

Gadarene [15th Anniversary Edition]

[Horror/Novella] Gadarene: In the notorious Five Points slum of 1870s Manhattan, Galen ‘the Mongoose’ Driscol steps out of jail and back into the arms of his lover, Wira Boruta. When Galen tells Wira that he’s tracked down the man who tried to kill them as children, Wira pleads with Galen to forget the past. Only Galen doesn’t forget, nor does he forgive.

Script: Tina Anderson
Novelization: c.b. Potts
Edition Editor: Jo Rainor
Publisher: Ursi Domus
ISBN: 978-0974419527 Re-Issue

Horror (GLBT/Historical) | English | 05/2023

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